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  • Valuable event touching a broad spectrum of relevant topics of Wire & Cable
    Arno Van Rijswijk, Hokaro
  • Good insight into Wire & Cable market & future direction
    Mirko Ajder, AMA Aluminum
  • The conversation was very useful for learning new info sharing the knowhow
    Orgun Hgindere, Sarkaysan AS
  • Very informative & got to know the progress of Aluminum usage in Wires & Cables including automotive application
    Kesavan Srinivasan, Srinisons Wiring Systems
  • A very good organised summit with competent speakers sharing their knwoledge & experiences from a very beneficial ambeince
    Selman Unlij, Sahra Kablo
  • Very unique topic, not seen such a event happening with learned speakers
    Rangraj V, Srinisons Wiring Systems
  • Very rich & informative event with highly documented presentations & good variety of speakers covering the topic
    J Herbreteau, Inserlec
  • Very high quality technical & marketing presentations
    John Dawson, AOMC
  • The conference has been very interesting & covers a wide range of arguments such as economic, technical & application
    Enrico WNTS, Sampsistemi
  • Event was very well organised with timely schedules & strictly observed
    Alex Ignacio, Phelps Dodge Phils
  • Good Assortment of speakers from strategic planning to processing raw materials
    Carl Dumele, Aeromotive
  • A very informative & useful platform for learning & at the same time knowledge sharing with industry peers. Keep It Up.
    Ashish Chaturvedy, DAC Ducab

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